High-Speed Cutting Process (HSC) AXXIOM

The machine concept as a high speed cutting center was developed as a modular bridge type construction with moving tables.

Designed using proven engineering philosophies that ensure the cutting forces are evenly distributed throughout the machine frames. Using the latest cutting edge materials, such as Honeycombed Layered Aluminium, provide the basis of the dynamic design.

All linear guide rail systems are prestressed with circulating precision class linear ball bearings, offering highest work performance and longevity.




The drives are standard digital servo motors, which operates with Sercos Bus technology. Mechanically these drives together with all components where the inertia has been optimised to enhance dynamics and efficiency.



The Z-axis is positioned via a backlash free transmission and ball screw. With the standard Z-stroke, the Axxiom can machine parts as tall as 1300 mm in 5-axis mode.



The X- Y-axis is positioned via a backlash-reduced gear (<1 angular minute) on a track and pinion drive system. With this system the 5-axis processing center can reach a high positioning speed up to 100 m/min, while achieving an accuracy of +/- 0,15 mm during interpolated cutting.